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Cooling device


The economisation of energy due to efficiency increase of household cooling appliance is the motivation and purpose for this K-Project. Almost nobody knows that a quarter of the electric energy spent in the household is caused by cooling appliances.


Because of the huge numbers of devices sold worldwide each year (about 90 Million) it is a good way to save a lot of energy. This capability also has been recognized by the politician the last years followed by strict efficiency classifications for household cooling devices. Until today those are primarily improved by optimizing every single component. This way of improvement was enough to reach the top-efficiency classification (A+++).  


The more strict energy standards for the A++++ have already been planned, however, cannot be achieved because of technical issues with the traditional way of improvement. In order to reach this goal it needs an innovative attempt where the system has to be improved together with all its containing components. The price development of electric components with the development in electrical systems shall allow the integration of further electric components in the future. This will make a regulation of the thermodynamic cooling cycle based on the intelligent algorithm for the regulation possible which takes care of the actual performance in order that the energy cost are reduced.  


The main goal of the K-project ECO-COOL is the development of the first completely integrated and controllable cooling cycle for household cooling appliance. In order to reach this high goal the barriers of theoretical technical capabilities have to be extended and implemented in a concrete market solid technical solution.