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Projekthaus ECO-COOL
Projectstructure ECO-COOL

Research projects

The research is divided in two Areas:

  • Area A: Thermodynamic Modelling and Validation
  • Area B: Electric Machine, Control and Communication  
  • Area C: Cycle Layout and Control Logic  

At all Areas specific issues are being researched in different projects. Between those Areas / Projects numerical and experimental Methods are used


AREA A: Thermodynamic Modelling & Validation 

  • Projekt A1: Component Modelling and Validation 
  • Projekt A2: Real World Operation Condition 
  • Projekt AS: Energy & Heat-Transfer  


AREA B: Electric Machine, Control & Communication

  • Projekt B1: Electric Machine Concepts 
  • Projekt B2: Electric Control & Communication Concepts 


AREA C: Cycle Layout & Control Logic

  • Projekt C1: Cycle Layout 
  • Projekt C2: Logic &Optimization 
  • Projekt CS: Innovative Concepts